At Granby Public Library we troll through cyberspace seeking out those links and sites that we think our patrons would find useful, interesting -- or just plain cool.  Here are two such "widgets" -- 

The Children’s Book Council [see the CBC widget on your right) is a nonprofit organization that offers children’s publishers the opportunity to work together on issues of importance, such as literacy advocacy and collaborations with other national organizations. Every year, the CBC sponsors Children's Book Week in May and profiles the best of children's trade books.  If you spot a book that either Granby Public Library or Cossitt Public Library does not have, please let us know, and we will place that order asap!

Stay tuned for our Summer Slow Books Club for adults and older teens (see the titles to your right). The Slow Book Movement follows other movements, such as Slow Foods, and seems to be a contagious reaction to the fast-paced, ever-changing world around us --
"In our leisure moments, whenever we have down time, we should turn to literature—to works that took some time to write and will take some time to read, but will also stay with us longer than anything else. They'll help us unwind better than any electronic device—and they'll pleasurably sharpen our minds and identities, too. To borrow a cadence from Michael Pollan: Read books. As often as you can. Mostly classics." Maura Kelly, The Atlantic
Towards the end of June the Library will offer multiple copies of these books, so prepare yourself for a leisurely summertime of slow books; book discussion dates to be announced shortly!