New Information Sites

Find it, Read it, View it -- now you're in the Know!

Finding and sharing information and online resources is one of the jobs we do here at Granby Public Library, especially if we think it will improve the lives of our patrons and community residents.

UCONN Medical Health Center's online Healthnet Newsletters, which are now archived and available as .pdf files for saving/printing, include a wealth of medical options, answers and resources in each newsletter.  And did you know that the librarians at the Health Center are available for your questions!

Another information site that has just been "born" is the State's SmartConsumer site, filled with information for parents, teens, children, senior and adults -- all in an effort to protect you from scamming, stalking, fraud and identity theft! 

Take some time to check out these great reference sites -- and don't forget to bookmark them!