Why Pinterest? Why not!

So, have you checked out our Pinterest Boards yet? Lots of good stuff there -- book suggestions, movie suggestions, thematic suggestions, even program listings and more! Every day we're adding more boards, all in an effort to help our patrons find just that perfect books for a rainy afternoon or a great movie that you might have missed. 

Here's the Main Page where you can find our boards -- 

Once you click on the board, up pops all the book covers or movie covers to give you ideas, help build that "what to read next" list --  this is our WWII Fiction Board:

Sometimes we combine both books and audio-visual, mix it up and help spur on those special areas you're particularly interested in, such as "Downton Abbey" and similar titles:

This is a great way to find new reads, especially when you hit a dead-end -- ugh, don't you hate that?! Bookmark our Pinterest site on your mobile and bring it to the Library, scroll around and you're good to go! 

See you at the Library -- Ciao!